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Listing preparation support / corporate value evaluation

Financial Due Diligence / Accounting Audit

Accounting tax consulting / accounting business support

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Initial public offering (IPO) support

When preparing for an initial public offering (IPO), it is necessary to do a huge amount of work while involving the entire company, such as building an internal control system, reviewing accounting policies, and preparing listing application documents. In addition, the work requires specialized knowledge and experience.

We provide efficient and speedy listing preparation support through the following process.

・ Accurate understanding of the current status, actual conditions, and characteristics of listed companies

・ Realization of a realistic corporate figure that should be achieved by the listing examination, formulation of work processes to efficiently reach the concrete figure

・ Review of flexible and flexible processes according to the progress

M & A consulting

We provide total services from planning and planning related to M & A to creation of specific projects, adjustment and negotiation of conditions, contract conclusion, and closing.

We provide one-stop support for your M & A in cooperation with our network of certified accountants, tax accountants, lawyers, social insurance labor consultants, real estate appraisers, IT specialists, etc. outside our company.

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Corporate value evaluation / stock value evaluation
Financial due diligence

A third-party company (stock) value evaluation is conducted for the purpose of demonstrating the fairness of the trading price in transactions such as M & A and business restructuring and fulfilling accountability to shareholders.
In addition, we carry out financial due diligence (DD) to accurately grasp the actual situation of the target company (seller) when conducting sales transactions through M & A.

Support for building a settlement system

Our professionals can help any company seeking high quality accounting advice. With the increasing complexity and sophistication of corporate activities and accounting standards, the level of demand for building a settlement system is increasing year by year.
Introducing IFRS and new Japanese standards, accelerating settlement of accounts, building a consolidated settlement system, support for settlement and disclosure, education business related to accounting standards, and support for the development of settlement system.

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Business management system construction support

By strengthening the business management base that supports the growth and development of a company, it is necessary to improve management judgment and create an organization that can respond to changes. Supports budget and cost control, introduction and efficiency of J-SOX, construction of internal audit system, fraud investigation, etc.

The following accounting audits are conducted by certified accountants who have a wealth of knowledge and experience who are familiar with audit work.

・ Audit of a corporation based on the Companies Act

・ Audit related to worker dispatching business and paid employment agency business

・ Agreed procedure

・ Asset Liquidation Law Audit (TMK)

・ Investment Limited Partnership Audit (LPS)

・ Audit of school corporations, public interest corporations, labor unions, medical corporations, and social welfare corporations

・ Voluntary audit (including GK-TK scheme, anonymous association, limited liability company, etc.)

We will respond flexibly to other than the above, so please contact us.

Please see here for details and audit fees.

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Customers (partial introduction)

Client 2



Client 1

Company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

​​ Calculation of consolidated tax effect amount

Creation support / Consolidated cash flow statement creation support

Client 7

Company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Financial due diligence business and stock value evaluation business of the acquired company related to M & A

Client 8

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Law Large Company

Accounting business support (journal check, journal entry check,

Monthly analysis, etc.)

Client 2

Niigata Prefecture Listing Preparation Company

J-SOX construction support

Client 1




Modern Work Space


Daimon Sogo Certified Accountant Office

GK Daimon Sogo Accounting Office

Our office is made up of certified accountants from major global accounting firms.
All members are accounting professionals, and each has a wealth of knowledge and experience in various fields, providing various services from a comprehensive perspective.

We will always provide one-stop support for business owners and provide the best client services in order to maximize the corporate value of our clients and sustainably grow the company.



Daimon Sogo Certified Accountant Office

​​ GK Daimon Sogo Accounting Office

Sanwa Building 4F, 1-27-17 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013

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